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Holika Holika Good Cera Super Ceramide Cream in Serum 60ml

Holika Holika Good Cera Super Ceramide Cream in Serum 60ml

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Holika Good Cera Ceramide products deeply nourish skin, restoring protective properties, and making it more elastic & supple. Neutralizes reactions like irritation, burning, tingling & redness. The formula is designed for intense nourishment of dry skin in cold seasons.

At a pH of 5.5, this product delivers optimal hydration to the skin while preserving a strong protective barrier. Ceramides are lipid-based solids that form part of the skin's protective barrier against cholesterol and fatty acids. They fill in gaps from washing, reducing permeability & preventing water loss. Furthermore, ceramides improve epidermal elasticity.

Does not contain artificial colors, artificial flavors, mineral oil, triethanolamine, talc, petrolatum, or benzophenone.

Apply a generous amount along the skin texture and gently pat for better absorption.


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