Callas Makeup Pro Eyebrow Pencils

Callas Eyebrow Pencils are your key to achieving finely shaped brows with professional precision and longevity. Our retractable prism tip design ensures effortless application, while the creamy yet firm formula guarantees a natural look that lasts. Available in different colors, our triangular pencil allows for sharp edges in narrower areas and smooth gradation in more comprehensive sections, giving you complete control over your brow shape.

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Callas & Dearderm

Our 30-year history as a beauty manufacturer ensures all our products are crafted from nature-derived, top-notch ingredients. Formulized in our internal laboratory, each product is hypoallergenic and skin-friendly. Callas, our color makeup line, is designed to provide makeup application with protection to the skin, while Dearderm comprises skincare items geared towards anti-aging and revitalization. We likewise specialize in OEM and ODM for other prominent brands.

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