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SK-II Genoptics Ultraura Essence 50ml

SK-II Genoptics Ultraura Essence 50ml

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Natural Ingredients

Backed by more than 26 years of brightening research, GenOptics Ultraura Essence Serum formulated with Niacinamide, Lotus Flower Extract, and PITERA™, makes skin look brighter right after application and gives skin an ultimate aura radiance.

In an 8-week skin measurement study of 32 females ages 27-44, compared to prior formulation, the new GenOptics Ultraura Essence Serum formulation has

  • 4X more dullness reduction
  • 3X more brightening

Solution For
Sun Spots, Dullness, Skin Tone

Works Best For
Normal, Combination, Dry.

Drop It Like It's Hot
Release a dropper-full amount of serum into your palm.

Ready, Set, Glow
Apply evenly onto your face by dotting on the forehead, both cheeks, and chin. Add a few extra drops to areas you're concerned about, and gently massage into skin, starting in the center and spreading outward.

Twice a Day, The SK-II Way
Use this face serum after you cleanse, tone, and treat, but before you moisturize.

Number of Applications: 1 bottle = 70 applications

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