CHARMING DOUBLE EYELID TAPE With Easy Applicator 40 Pairs (ET03 HARD)

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Product Description

Charming Double Eyelid Tape-ET03

Callas Charming Double Eyelid Tape is a medical graded tape designed to lift the eyelids and sagging skin around the eyes. With continuous use, the Callas Charming Double Eyelid Tape will permanently shape the eyelids without eyelid surgery. As a result it makes the eyes look bigger and clearer.

With Callas Charming Double Eyelid Tape, the big and beautiful eyes are here to stay.

How to Use

1. Before using callas Charming Double Eyelid Tape, Clean the eye area (See Pic A)

2.Fold the paper to support the back and gently remove the Callas Charming Eyelid Tape from the edges. (see Pic B)

3. Gently apply Callas Charming Double Eyelid Tape 2-3mm above the eye near the eyelash line. * Make up can be applied naturally

4. Use the applicator to give your eyelids natural look. (See Pic C) *Results May Vary*

After Use

1. Gently grip the edges and remove the Callas Charming Double Eyelid Tape.

2. Wash the face and eye area with warm water.

Single Side Tape (ET01,ET02, ET03)

Contains 10 Pairs per sheet / 4 sheet per pack with pusher applicator