Brightly Liquid Foundation

Brightly Liquid Foundation


Product Description

1. SPF15
2. It is longlasting, light, soft, and moist.
3. Even without any facial powder your face will not feel oily but it will leave you feeling clean.
4. The waterproof silicon makes this product light, soft, and longlasting even with sweating.
5. The silica powder has blackhead control, protection from alantoine skin cancer, and even gives a clean finishing touch.
6. SPF15 provides your skin with a UV Protection system that will prevent you from getting dry, cracked skin and leave you with soft, moist skin.◈ Colors
1. CLF 01 light beige
2. CLF 02 natural beige
3. CLF 03 deep beige
4. CLF 04 dark honey
5. CLF 05 tan

How To Use

◈ Use of Color
1. Match the color of your neck
2. Match your skin tone
3. Use the 5 different colors to enhance facial profile, facial expression, and facial solidarity; you will experience positive changes on the various areas of your face.◈ Make up Techniques
1. Using either your finger or a sponge, gently rub or pat it onto your face.
2. In the sensitive areas such as around the eye, nose, and mouth, be sure to use the pressing technique.
3. Using more or less in quantity will allow you to control the color of your skin..