Callas was introduced in 2003 by Rainbow Beauty Company, the CALLAS name is inspired by “Kallos” the Greek word for “beauty.”  “The Beauty we are talking about, as Kallos, is not mainly what may first come to mind, that is the beauty of the human body with its erotic component. It is certainly also that, and eminently that, but not at all only that. Kallos Beauty is the Greek philosophy concept of Inspiring Harmony inciting the acquisition of more soul beauty, more body beauty, and the creation of more beauty in all aspects of life on the part of a person observing and enjoying existing harmony and beauty.” (From ethoplasin.net)

Beauty is more than a pretty face and a beautiful body. It is one’s soul. CALLAS products personify the beauty inside to show your character. CALLAS redefines beauty in color cosmetics and beauty supplies.

Callas has been registered and is a registering trade mark as a cosmetic brand in more than 35 different countries. Some countries have registered as Maria Callas because of conflict of existing similar words. But the logo design will remain the same as the existing Callas logo.

callas logos together

Business and distribution inquiries: info@callas.com